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"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear".

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The Mysterious Power of Massage

Massages has been found effective for pain relief.  Imagine not having to take a pain killer every time you have a headache.  Getting a massage regularly can prevent you from getting headaches. Massages stimulate energy flow throughout the body and Qi.  It relieves tightness in the muscles, and increases flexibility.  "Massaged muscles weigh 8% less than rested muscles, indicating a reduction in swelling" after workouts.  I haven't met anyone who wants to work out while they are sore or in pain.  You recover from exercising much  faster when you get a massage.

The truth is that your emotional state can have a dramatic effect on your physical well-being. If you are depressed, angry or agitated in some way, you can actually increase the tension in your muscles, meaning that you are more likely to be injured during your workout.  MASSAGE THERAPY can increase your mental and emotional health. 

A massage can reduce muscle pain, but what isn’t considered is that by reducing the pain that a person is feeling in their muscles you are actually preventing injuries from occurring. In most cases, surrounding muscles to those that are sore will compensate by taking on a more active role in relation to providing stability in force for the sore muscles. This can actually cause them to be injured as well, but providing relief to pained and fatigued muscles will increase their ability to stand on their own.

Increasing Blood Flow
For thousands of years, massage has done wonders in terms of increasing circulation and blood flow. It is the blood that provides the nutrients that assists in relieving pain-and-suffering, increasing blood flow can have phenomenal results in preventing injuries in the future. 

Receiving Massage Therapy on a regular basis prevents and decreases you from experiencing an injury.  Pain is the body is the number one sign that you should seek treatment.  It is your bodies natural alarm to you, a sign, that signifies that you need to take better care of yourself and your future well being.  Don't ignore it or endure it!

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Anjanette Campbell, LMT


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