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Joakim Noah has signed with the Memphis Grizzlies!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

It was a rough road for Joakim. He signed with the NY Knicks a few years ago and suffered from a tremendous amount of injuries. He barely played and was on the bench. After several surgeries, injuries, and constantly brutality most basketball players and other athletes suffer. They are injected with corticosteroids and take painkillers to alleviate pain. Painkillers weaken your tendons and ligaments. If you cannot feel pain in your body you will not know your limitations and you will not be able to tell your muscles are maxed out until an injury occurs. Don't wait until it is too late.

"Your body is a machine when it needs a tune up it will let you know by breaking down and not functioning properly." - Anjanette Campbell, LMT

I was brave enough to approach Joakim after I broke 4 metatarsals in my foot in 2018. I took the cast off after 4 days, sports taped it, and I wore a boot walking with crutches for 3 weeks. I did exercises in the swimming pool to gain my strength back. I was able to walk normally within two months.

In 2016, I was severely injured in a car accident and could barely stand or sit for long periods of time without feeling extreme pain shooting down my leg. I had herniated disc in my neck and disc compressing nerves in my lower lumber and sacrum. Back pain is the worse pain! I thought my career as a massage therapist was over! My job requires me to be an athlete to rehabilitate others. I became an expert overtime in rehabilitating myself. I acquired knowledge from my experience of being injured and dealing with pain and channeled my energy into helping others on the path to wellness.

I was a huge Chicago Bulls fan! Joakim trusted me and allowed me to rehabilitate him and listened to my advice. I am so proud of his success. My dream of becoming a Sport Therapist finally came true.

"The soul of the universe conspires into helping you achieve your dreams and goals."

I love my job! I love helping people. I pray that I will have the opportunity to rehabilitate other athletes and all the superstars of the universe as well. My main goal is to help prevent injuries before they occur and maximize your potential to become stronger and WIN in all aspects of life! Hard work and consistency always pays off. 💪

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