Yellow Jasper is also a highly nurturing stone. It will relieve your stress and bring peace.  It will absorb your pain, and it will make a good companion during stressful times.It’s also a stone that you should have with you when you want to be one with nature.  Yellow Jasper will fill your life with confidence and courage. It will attract positive energy and help boost your self-confidence.It’s also a powerful stone to have if you want to forge stronger and closer relationships.This stone will give very strong grounding energies that will make you feel tranquil and serene even during stressful times.Yellow Jasper will infuse you with feelings of completeness and wholeness. Its energies will work to unify all aspects of your life.  Yellow Jasper will increase your self-confidence, and it will give you the perseverance and the tenacity to overcome your challenges.It will also invite you to live a life filled with joy and enthusiasm. It will help you attract the kind of friends who will be your assets and source of happiness.Yellow Jasper will also help you set boundaries for people who have the tendency to overstep theirs in your life.This stone will help you stay grounded and stable. It will take care of you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost, or confused.  It can also prevent epilepsy attacks, nosebleeds, and colic in babies. This stone can help prevent fevers, swelling, and stomach pains.It can also be helpful in easing nausea and the pains associated with indigestion.It can be extremely beneficial for people who suffer from chronic back pains. This stone can effectively absorb your body pains.  It can also aid in the detoxification process. It will clear the body of environmental impurities and toxins. It will also ensure that the body is able to use the nutrients that you ingest.  It can help relieve bloating. It can also aid in tissue regeneration. It’s a good stone to use in re-energizing the body after a prolonged illness.Yellow Jasper is also an excellent diet stone because it will support your weight loss efforts. It can improve the digestive and metabolic process so that you will lose weight quickly and effectively.  It will bring you energies of focus, practicality, decisiveness, persuasiveness, and precision.Yellow Jasper will shield you from negativity. It will also give you protection as you achieve your financial goals.It will sustain you and support you during your financially troubled times until you reach your lucky break.

Yellow Jasper (1)

  • Yellow Jasper possesses fire energy that is usually used in the middle of your home or room.
    It will bring energy, light, and cheerfulness to the entire space!
    Place a piece of Yellow Jasper in the middle of the room that you want to enliven with bright and positive energies.


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